Speaking The Truth

American’s don’t beleive in the “literal” truth of the Bible.


Causality vs. Infinite Regress

Summary: Every event and agent is present because of a previous cause. You can’t have something happen without a cause. People, places, and things do not appear without some one or an action causing them to appear. Therefore, since we cannot have an infinite regress, there must be one “thing” that exists without the request causality. That “thing” must have always existed and all material in the universe must originate from it and I surmise that it must be God.

The Consequences of Institutionalizing Homosexuality as Normative

The Consequences of Institutionalizing Homosexuality as Normative   There are 11 passages that speak about homosexuality in one way or another.  In all 11 passages homosexuality is spoken of as a deviant behavior that is against God’s will and is regarded as a sin.  Many people who support homosexual behavior attempt to weaken the passages…

Jesus – Archetype of Bounded Set!

  Jesus the archetypal bounded set thinker Much of what I have read on the Church and this topic essentially says that it is more helpful to view others without the confines that Bounded Sets impose and instead to use a Centered Set that puts everyone on a type of scatter plot in their relation…

Philosophical Problems with Bounded Set Thinking

Bounded Set Problems – Within the Christian far right community there is a deep seated belief in “us verses them” mentality.  This can be seen in some Charismatic Christian’s stance that if you do not speak in the tongues of the Holy Spirit then you are not really saved, in some Evangelical churches believing that…